PPA Agreements

Power Purchase Agreement

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an electricity supply agreement between
Commercial Solar Group and its partner companies and a client to purchase power at an agreed rate, either with an upfront amount or at no cost.
CSG will agree to provide low cost power at a fixed rate for an extended period of up to 15 years, we will agree to secure the cost of your energy for this period in return for the service agreement.
We will take care of the energy system over the period of the agreement at no cost to you, simply put we will install a system that will provide power to your facility at a fixed cost substantially less than you currently pay.

What is a PPA and how does a PPA work.

A PPA is a simple process, we produce the power and you buy from us at a reduced rate.

  • Commercial Solar Group will work with its partners and install the power generation unit (Solar power) to your existing facility up to any size (above 50Kw)
  • We will use quality products that produce good clean energy for use in the commercial or manufacturing facility.
  • We will agree to provide this power at a capped rate for the period of the agreement, generally 15 years, generally as much as 50% less than current rates (subject to your area)
  • Any additional power you are not using will be fed back to the grid of which you will pay us at a parallel rate to that of the current FIT (feed in Tariff). This amount will then be reimbursed to you by your grid supplier. This means that you only pay for the power used!

What we can assure you of:

      1. CSG The quality of service and product
      2. We will provide power for the term of the agreement and beyond if needed
      3. You will be able to monitor the energy our system produces and you consume

We will provide this service to any location.

It doesn't matter where you are we can provide a solution.