Factories & Commercial Buildings Now run on Solar power

Factory Solar Power
Factories are supported by the government in most areas and there is certificates issued to reduce the system cost to the facility, the point of sale discount is generated through LGCs or STCs see the link to understand these incentives.

How to design a system that suites your needs?

The first step to understanding your energy use and the quality of the power provided is to perform a detailed load profile analyses over a period of one week.  Load profiling can be conducted over shorter or longer periods of time depending upon the design needs of the facility.

Load profiling will show your energy usage at different points during the day and identify peak and low demand periods.  We then use this information to overlay our Solar System design to show the solar penetration amount, and power savings possible.

Load Profile

System Design.

Once the load profile is complete we can then design a system to offset your energy consumption based around a 12 hr window (6am - 6pm) during which the sun shines.  This detailed overlay will enable us to produce a cost benefit analysis of installing a solar unit your facility.

The image below shows the overlaid energy.

As a point of interest you can clearly see the breaks in production around morning break and lunch time.

Note: You can clearly see morning and afternoon breaks in production