Commercial Solar Power Installation

Solar Farm


Commercial Solar Power Installations is a specialty field and we at CSG have a team of technicians and installation specialists to provide a solution..

Our team has performed many commercial solar power installations through Australia and is about to undertake the largest privately owned solar system in Australia in North Queensland.

The Design Options are varied, and in most cases our clients have an idea of what they would like to achieve.  We work with the clients to help them fully understand the potential of PV and the benefits it can have on their current operational costs or their impact to the grid.

We have within our group and our network the capacity to design and construct systems either as full stand alone units, grid connected or Co - Generation units.

Part of the design process is understanding the requirements of the utility company, and connection points to the grid.  While the design and installation is relatively easy, the connection point guidelines can be over looked and is a major part of the necessary design and cost considerations. The energy provider from region to region will have specific design needs to insulate the grid from system failure, the integration of added protection relays, anti reversing, full external control and monitoring may be requested before any permission can be granted to install the system and connect to the grid. We have the design team who can assist in these areas.

Ground mount Units.

Ground mounts are what is typically used when installing large scale units, these generally have ground screws inserted and the racking units secured directly to these after installation.

Tracking Units.

Tracking units are a very good option when it comes to higher performance expectations, around 40% better yield can be expected from the installation of these units.  Global positioning or sun tracking are just 2 options.

Roof mounting.

Roof mounting is typically done when there is no ground space available or the roof is simply not large enough to accommodate the design needs.  Large scale roofs are typically at a very low angle and would require tilt kits to be adjusted to the necessary angle for the area of installation.