Commercial Solar Power Brisbane

Commercial Solar Group Pty Ltd and its partner businesses Energy Wise Group and Off Grid Power Solutions are the commercial solar power Brisbane and  off grid solar power specialists.

Commercial Solar Group with its partner Energy Wise Group provide more than commercial solar power Brisbane, we specialize in energy reduction and peak demand reduction.

Variable Speed drives, Our peak demand reduction solutions including VSDs  (variable speed drives) with integrated PID for climate control and other measures, reducing energy by as much as 80%, these variable units can alter the start up in rush current and improve peak demand spikes.

Power factor reduction, we can offer several solutions including capacitor units or smart tech variable speed drives which have the capacity to reduce power factor and energy use.

Working with your business to better understand your needs. Commercial Solar will take the time to help you better understand your load shifting and peak demand. Whether its Solar Energy, Lighting or Energy management,we have the solution.

Power load profiling   Solar farm meet and enegage    Solar System Design

Load Profiling and assessing your energy demand is key to designing a PV system, we have the equipment to perform these load profiles. 


Meeting with your team to discuss the merits, possibilities and present options.


Understanding load demand and peak demand charges to design a solution that best suits your needs.

Working with Residential Properties and what it Involves. We help you understand the  reduction of energy costs and improved energy efficiencies.

Solar System Installation   Checking your Roof has the Space   Supplying a Solar Price

Visiting your home to evaluate your roof, meter board,and help you work through your energy bill.


Checking to see that your roof and electrical meter board meets current safety standards.


Providing a quote, We take the time to understand your energy needs. The quotes are based on or understanding your needs.

We take our business very seriously, we ensure you receive the best results possible on your home, Commercial business or any other area you are considering installing Clean Renewable Solar Power.